The KAMSA Competition

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The KAMSA Competition is held by the Korean-American Music Supporters’ Association and is open to young pre-college musicians in the following instrument and age categories (age as of January 12, 2019):

Violin SoloElementaryAges 9 to 11
JuniorAges 12 to 14
SeniorAges 15 to 18
Viola Solo
(No Elementary)
JuniorAges 12 to 14
SeniorAges 15 to 18
Cello SoloElementaryAges 9 to 11
JuniorAges 12 to 14
SeniorAges 15 to 18
Piano SoloPrimaryAges 8 and under
ElementaryAges 9 to 11
JuniorAges 12 to 14
SeniorAges 15 to 18
(No Elementary)
JuniorAges 12 to 14
SeniorAges 15 to 18
(No Elementary)
(3-8 members)
Jr./Sr. CombinedAges 12 to 18

The competition will be held according to the following schedule:

  • Date: Saturday, January 12, 2019 (Strings / Wind-Brass / Ensembles)
    Sunday, January 13, 2019 (Piano)
  • Place: Santa Clara University, Santa Clara
  • Winners: Announced on Sunday, January 13, 2019
  • Award Ceremony & Winner’s Recital: 7pm, Saturday, January 19, 2019

The following awards and certificates will be presented to top performers in each category:

  • 1st Place: $200 Prize and Certificate, Performance at the Winner’s Recital
  • 2nd Place: $100 Prize and Certificate
  • 3rd Place: $50 Prize and Certificate
  • Honorable Mention: Certificate

The repertoire and time limit are as follows:

  • Solo Category: Contestants must select two contrasting pieces from different music periods. One of the two pieces must be from either Baroque or Classical period. Repeats are not necessary.

  • Ensemble Category: Team can choose one movement or one piece from any standard repertoire.

  • Please contact KAMSA for pre-approval if your piece does not meet the time restrictions specified below.

  • PianoCello / Violin
    Primarymax 6 min totalN/A
    Elementarymin 5 min / max 8 min totalmin 6 min / max 10 min total
    Juniormin 7 min / max 10 min totalmin 8 min / max 12 min total
    Seniormin 9 min / max 12 min totalmin 10 min / max 14 min total
  • Viola / Wind-Brass
    Juniormin 7 min / max 12 min total
    Seniormin 9 min / max 14 min total
  • Ensemble
    Jr./Sr. Combinedmax 14 min total

To apply, please send in the following:

Mail to:

  • KAMSA Competition (c/o YS Shin)
    1044 Bentoak Lane, San Jose, CA 95129


  • January 2, 2019 (postmarked)

Please send emails to KAMSA.INFO@GMAIL.COM if you have any questions.

  1. Decisions by the judges are final.
  2. Judges may stop the music before the end of a piece or ask the contestant to begin from any point in the piece.
  3. The repertoire must be performed from memory. (Even if an exception is granted for a piece longer than the maximum time limit, the repertoire must be performed from memory.) The contestant must memorize the entire repertoire since the judges may ask the contestant to play any part.
  4. An exception to above rule#3 is that ensembles do not have to memorize their pieces and can perform with sheet music.
  5. The repertoire must be in the original form. No rearrangement is allowed.
  6. The repertoire cannot be changed after the application has been submitted.
  7. Contestants are required to bring original music that has not been photocopied.
  8. Judges reserve the right to declare no winners if contestants do not meet the necessary standard.
  9. The 1st place winners must perform at the Winner’s Recital in order to receive their awards.
  10. The 2nd, 3rd, and Honorable Mention must be present at the Winner’s Recital in order to receive their awards.
  11. In the event of a tie, each winner will receive a trophy and share the prize.
  12. The past 1st Place winner cannot register again for the same age instrument/ensemble category.
  13. KAMSA will decide the performance piece for each performer from their competition repertoire for the Winner’s Recital.
  14. By submitting the application, the contestant gives KAMSA permission to record, use, duplicate, distribute, and/or modify creatively, derivative works for public display of the contestant's performance in the competition.
  15. By submitting the application, the contestant waives any and all claims or actions against KAMSA and its judges, directors and volunteers that may arise from competitor's participation in the competition.

The 2018 KAMSA Competition Winners


  • Violin
  • 1st: Melody Chen
  • 2nd: Angela Ryu
  • 3rd: Alyssa McCullough

  • Cello
  • Co-1st: Catherine Choi
  • Co-1st: Davis You
  • Co-2nd: Elena Chen
  • Co-2nd: Natalie Lin
  • 3rd: Sean Lee

  • Viola
  • 1st: Kevin Kim
  • 1st: Semin Myung

  • Winds
  • 1st: Jessica Jang
  • 2nd: Junyoung David Choi

  • Ensemble
  • 1st: Team Mendelssohn

  • Piano
  • 1st: Anthony Sun
  • Co-2nd: Anna Hong
  • Co-2nd: Kevin Kim
  • 3rd: Derek Lim
  • Honorable Mention: Katia Deynega
  • Honorable Mention: Joshua Yoon


  • Violin
  • 1st: Andrew Choi
  • Co-2nd: Melody Gawon Choi
  • Co-2nd: Rachel Ryu

  • Cello
  • 1st: Abigail Leong
  • Co-2nd: Celina Chen
  • Co-2nd: Christine Kang
  • 3rd: Jennifer Mori

  • Viola
  • 1st: Emily Jiwon Hwang
  • 2nd: Philemon Wong
  • 3rd: Sarah Ryu

  • Winds
  • 1st: Luke Nam
  • Co-2nd: Jaehoon Kim
  • Co-2nd: Ananya Sriram
  • 3rd: Brenden Oh

  • Ensemble
  • 2nd: EME

  • Piano
  • 1st: Ray Chen
  • Co-2nd: Spencer Cha
  • Co-2nd: Jeston Lu
  • 3rd: Rebecca Gao
  • Honorable Mention: Jaeyeon Jung
  • Honorable Mention: Vivian Wang


  • Violin
  • 1st: Harry Jo
  • 2nd: Isabella Oh

  • Cello
  • 1st: Fiona Huang

  • Piano
  • 1st: Henry Yao
  • 2nd: Brian Lin
  • Co-3rd: Harry Jo
  • Co-3rd: Jasleen Lu
  • Honorable Mention: James Chen
  • Honorable Mention: Yueun Hong


  • Piano
  • 1st: Andrea Wong
  • 2nd: Aidan Kwon
  • 3rd: Erica Lee
  • Honorable Mention: Ryan Oh
  • Honorable Mention: Aiden Zhou